What are the commonly used electronic components for lithium ion battery protection?

PTC components support battery pack overcurrent protection. The device will increase linearly with the increase of temperature. When the current or temperature rises to a certain value, the resistance will change abruptly (increase), so that the current will change to mA level. When the temperature drops, it will return to normal and can be used as a battery connection piece in series in the battery pack.


Introduce the difference between battery and fuel power cell

A fuel power cell is an energy conversion device that must have energy (fuel) input during operation to produce electrical energy. An ordinary battery is an energy storage device. Electrical energy must be stored in the battery first. It can only output electrical energy during operation. No energy is input during operation, and no electrical energy appears. This is the essential difference between a fuel power battery and an ordinary battery.


Introduction of electric vehicle lithium-ion battery fault maintenance

① The battery cannot be charged When the electricity cannot be charged, it can be divided into the following reasons: the charger is connected reverses or the charger fails; The protection board is not restored or the protection board fails; The battery pack and the external circuit of the electrical appliance are disconnected. When dealing with the above undesirable phenomena, find out in turn: whether the charger is connected in reverse and whether the positive and negative plugs of the battery pack are connected in reverse; Restart the electrical appliance to remove the protection board and measure whether the protection board MOS tube has a driving voltage; Find out whether the wiring connection is loose and disconnected.


Is the waste ternary lithium-ion battery polluted?

As new energy batteries, ternary lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries are widely used in line with the advantages of stability, long life and no pollution, but they are just like genetically modified hospitals. When the ternary lithium-ion battery is used up, it is best to send it back to the manufacturer for recovery. Although this product is a new energy source, it claims to be pollution-free and environmentally friendly, but it cannot prevent the problem of heavy metal pollution, but if it is discarded at will, it will cause damage to the land. Will be great.
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