How to Relocate UPS Power Supply Host and Lithium Ion Battery in Computer Room?

In order to ensure the continuous, reliable, safe and scientific smooth transition of the computer room monitoring network operation system, the UPS battery relocation work must strictly implement a scientific, reasonable and orderly relocation plan, and complete the relevant work in a short time, which is very challenging. The following small series of energy storage and electricity share the steps and measures of relocation of lithium ion battery UPS host in the computer room.


What is the detailed production process and process of lithium ion battery?

Production process flow and control raw data → raw data inspection → raw data pretreatment → batching → batching inspection → vacuum induction melting → fast cooling ingot casting → semi-finished product inspection → heat treatment → coarse crushing → pulverizing → sieving → post-processing → vacuum or nitrogen-filled packaging → finished product inspection


Maintenance method of UPS battery

Generally speaking, the biggest factor affecting UPS battery life is ambient temperature. Generally, the preferred ambient temperature required by the battery manufacturer is between 20-25°C. Although the batteries used in UPS power supply are generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries, the design life is generally 5 years, which can only be achieved under the environment required by battery manufacturers. If the environmental requirements are not met, the length of its life will vary greatly. In addition, the increase in ambient temperature will accelerate the shortening of the life of the UPS battery.


How about BYD power lithium battery recycling decommissioning?

From the perspective of the entire industrial chain, the development of new energy vehicles will inevitably bring a large number of waste batteries. How to do a good job of recycling and realize the closed loop of the industrial chain is a hot topic in the current industry. At the same time, recycling is also an effective way to solve the scarcity of resources, especially at present, the price of ternary materials is rising, and the value of recycling is beginning to appear.
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