Lithium battery manufacturers share what factors affect the capacity of lithium-ion batteries?

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Lithium Battery Manufacturers: Will Fast Chargers for Lithium Batteries Damage Life?

Will the current introduction of several fast charging methods affect the service life of the battery? The following lithium battery manufacturers Xiaobian to discuss with you! In fact, the argument about the impact of battery fast charging technology on battery life has been around since the earliest days of consumer electronics, but this argument is really worried by the outside world. It appeared when electric vehicles were just emerging, and charging piles and charging stations were still very scarce.


How to test the safety performance of lithium battery customization?

Customized safety tests for lithium batteries mainly include the following aspects: safety tests such as overcharge, short circuit, acupuncture, extrusion, and heavy impact are required, and the battery does not catch fire or explode. The following are specific methods: 1. overcharge test The lithium battery is customized to be fully charged, and the overcharge test is carried out according to 3C overcharge. When the battery is overcharged, the voltage rises to a certain voltage and stabilizes for a period of time. When the battery voltage rises to a certain limit, the high cap of the battery is pulled off, the voltage drops to 0V, and the battery does not catch fire or explode.


Why is it said that soft-packed polymer batteries are not easy to explode?

Soft wrap polymer battery, when the battery swells. From the molecular level, the hole structure of the positive and negative electrodes that accommodate lithium ions will gradually collapse and block; from a chemical point of view, the positive and negative materials are actively passivated, and side reactions occur to generate stable other compounds. In physics, the positive electrode material will gradually peel off, etc., which reduces the number of lithium ions in the battery that can freely move during charging and discharging.


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